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Takara Bikes Introduction

Takara Bikes Introduction

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An Introduction to Takara Bikes

Takara is a Japan based Company. It began in late 1980’s and started selling simple bikes. Today Takara Bikes are widely and easily available through various outlets domestically as well as at international level.

Takara Road Bikes are extensively popular in the USA. Takara bicycles are made for day to day exercise and usage. The frame of Takara Bikes is made of iron and steel. They have 2 wheels placed in front of each other and the handles of these bikes are curved on the outside, giving it a really modern look.

Also, The Takara Kabuto comprises a strong steel frame that has dropouts that can handle the big city roads. The TAKARA KABUTO bike has a gear shifting hub, which allows you to set the bike in gear or standard single speed mode without you having to worry about the temperature conditions.


The Takara Company is a Japan based company which began in 1980’s. Being a Japanese engineering company, their products are of the highest quality and don’t let the user guessing about their decision of buying their bikes. Earlier Takara was a toy-making company which used to sell inexpensive Takara Bikes. But with time, their quality and price have both increased, substantially. Moreover, it also expanded and diversifies its product range of Takara Bikes, like launching new models for different user needs.

An interesting fact to know here is that Takara Bikes are first tested by Kent Company before they are made available to the general publics for buying. This ensures that the bikes are completely safe for riding purposes.


Takara bikes can be purchased on both first hand and second hand basis across the world. Various sources of purchasing second hand Takara Bikes are available in the automobile market. Mostly these used bikes for are from USA and other western countries but you can easily buy them in India as well.


Although Takara Bikes are famous for their handcrafted frames and long lasting parts, buyers may get ripped off if they don’t follow the following points as caution:

1)      Check for any brand logo or authorization logos that guarantee that the bicycle you are buying is real and genuine.

2)      Takara Bikes are made only in Japan. So if any dealer tries to sell you a bike made in any other country, DO NOT buy it.

3)      Many dealers may try to coax into buying fraudulent deals, eg. Frequent appreciations and depreciations in prices, selling Takara Bikes at comparatively cheaper rates than the market price, etc. Do not fall for such deals.

4)      While buying these bikes for sale online make sure that the dealer is an original person and is not trying to sell fraudulent goods.

5)      Do not pay money in advance while shopping online for sale Takara Bikes.

6)      While purchasing used Takara Bikes for sale make sure the bike is in working condition.

7)      Always go for a test drive before making the final purchase.


Takara Bikes are preferred over other bikes not for just any reason. Instead, they have the following advantages:

1)      Takara bikes provide the highest level of quality that you can find in a bike.

2)      The cost although high, is value for money.

3)      The additional services like accessories, free services and guaranteed satisfaction cannot be substituted for anything.

4)      People, who cannot go in for a new Takara Bike, can buy Takara Bikes on sale which is easily available over the internet and other used vehicles stores.

5)      Takara Bikes are considered best for both road and mountainous cycling.

6)      The tyres and brakes are not road specific and are designed in such a manner that they can stand any type of rough condition.

7)      These bikes have really comfortably moulded seats that helps in avoiding back pains that you often get after long hours of cycling.

8)      Takara Bikes come in a variety of models and specifications so that users of all ages feel a tremendous comfort and pleasure while riding these bikes.


Following are the various descriptions, designs and schemes that come with Takara Bikes:

1)      Cruiser banana seats with 36 stainless spokes on white wall cruiser tires. These low-rider bikes are equipped with the smaller version of ape cruiser bars to compromise the front Springer fork. These bikes also have colored fenders and a coaster brake.

2)      Warranty Descriptions: Takara Bikes come with 180 days warranty against frame defects and 60 days against component defects. Such warranties never cover flat tires, inner tubes, wear and tear, alterations, rust and accumulation, missing nuts, scratches and fake paints. Moreover broken chains, damage, water rust, accidents etc. cannot be redeemed under warranty in these Takara Bikes. Therefore such specifications have to be taken care of by you.

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