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Takara Kabuto an Affordable Single Speed Bicycle

Takara Kabuto an Affordable Single Speed Bicycle

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Takara Kabuto has garnered some great reviews on the net. We surfed all through but were not able to get any negative feedback. It’s amazing but then after proper reading of the reviews on different auction sites, we realize it is definitely a good bike and a good bargain too. When a road bike, will from a regular cycle shop ,or of a known brand will cost you around $1000 and up. You can get a Takara Kabuto at a reasonable price of $200 that is if you are patient and ready to wait for a while.

Takara Kabuto and Facebook

It is not some obscure bike, it is all over on the net with its bright shiny yellow frame, the Takara Kabuto is also on Facebook. If you want to get Takara Bikes - Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike - Takara Bicyclesdetails and up to date information on the bike, you can easily follow it on the social networking site and gather information.

Yes it is not easy to trust some internet shopping, but there are safe ways to do it. Follow the product on different social networking sites or learn about it through forums. The best place to get information on the single speed Takara Kabuto is on forums, where the owners get into discussions with prospective customers and help in clearing any doubts. Log on to one of the forums and throw your questions, you might strike a good deal.

The clear and vivid description of the Takara Kabuto on Facebook is “Kabuto is all about keeping things simple and getting it done without breaking the bank.” At the heart of the Kabuto your feet will find a strong hand crafted steel frame with horizontal dropouts that can handle the abuse of the big city. City riders told us that they didn’t need derailleur-so we listened and outfitted the Kabuto with a flip flop bug so you can run it as a fixed gear or in standard free wheel single speed mode without having to worry about adjustments to temperamental components.” This is the actual description from the Japanese company about the single speed bicycle.

Features of Takara Kabuto

At a low rate you are getting a very comfortable and durable ‘fixit’ bike. Yes it can be easily fixed by the customers to whom it is shipped. The most attractive feature of the Takara Kabuto is that it is rust and corrosion free which makes it long lasting and a good companion as a road bike. Take it where ever you want and enjoy the ride through the city, down town, or to your office.

The one speed bike is ideal for those riders who are 5 feet 8 inches tall to 6 feet. So height is not a problem. This is because of its steel frame and fork. The durable 700 x 32 yellow Kenda tires give it a beautiful and one of the most attractive looks. You will be left in awe if you see the pictures of this sleek gorgeous single speed bike on the net.

However I feel obliged to inform you that even if you check various sites, you will have to resist the temptation to ride your Takara Kabuto in a week. Being a Christmas time, there is an expected delay and you will not be able get it as your Christmas gift. If Santa Claus is really helpful and drops it from the chimney, then it is a different case.

If you are desperate about quick delivery of your Takara Kabuto single speed road bike, then you can even check with the customer care, which might be of some help.

Difference in deals of Takara Kabuto

The features like front and rear brakes and the composure with which it peddles across, makes it a very attractive bike. The additional attraction is the price. But it is definitely true that each site has different rates for the Takara Kabuto. It is not a waste of time if you have the patience to visit various deal sites and compare the rates and the shipping deals.

Most of the sites would decline your request for fast shipping during Christmas season, so if you were planning the bike for your son or the daughter you might as well forget it. However one thing is for sure, you must be prepared for a higher shipping rate if you require delivery of your Takara Kabuto this December. If you are willing to wait, then you might strike a good deal.

Get a new Takara Kabuto for only $189.99

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