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Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike
Introducing The Takara Kabuto
Our Flagship Single Speed Road Bike

The Takara Kabuto is an ideal commuter bike.  It features a strong handcrafted steel frame with horizontal dropouts that can handle the abuse of the big city. The Kabuto has a flip flop hub so you can run it as a fixed gear or in standard freewheel single speed mode without having to worry about adjustments to temperamental components.  

The 32 hole alloy wheels roll on loud Kenda 700 by 32 tires that are capable of withstanding less than perfect roads. Front and rear alloy side pull brakes round out the specs of this bike that will fit riders 5 feet, 8 inches tall to 6 feet tall with a standover clearance of 31 inches.  Read More...

How To Pick The Right Fit In a Bike

Step 1.  For most riders, the first step in getting the right size road bike is to stand over the frame with both feet flat on the ground. A properly-sized road bike frame will give an inch or two clearance between the top tube of the frame and your crotch. Not too much, not too little. A mountain bike should have more space - maybe the width of your hand across your fingers.  (On women's bikes that don't have the high top tube going between the seat and the handlebars, you can skip this step.)

Step 2. You want to have the bicycle seat set to a height that...

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Know Before
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Allison Tetrick - Road Biking
Pro Cyclist Allison Tetrick

Offers Some Tips On Cycling - From An Interview
By Jaclyn Emerick

Gear You Should Probably Get

Chamois (Only amateurs call it a “shammy.”): These are cycling shorts with the pad in them. They’ll make your seat a little more comfortable so you can ride longer. Insider’s tip: Go commando. Too much material down there and you’re asking for chafing. Continue reading...

Gear You Should Pass On

A Fancy Bike: You don’t need to have the most expensive bike and wheels on the rack. Don’t get caught up in having to purchase the latest and greatest equipment. Make your first priority be that your bike and wheels are safe and reliable. Start with a “starter” bike and trade up when you need to. Continue Reading...

How Not To Look Stupid

Wear Your Helmet Correctly: Place that helmet snuggly on your head and low enough to protect from frontal impact, tighten the straps, and enjoy the ride. This isn’t your opportunity to try to be a fashion innovator here. Accept that. Continue Reading...
Biking Videos That Will Make Riding Stressless
Feel Free To Watch Them All...And Come Back Often To Review
GlobalCyclingNetwork.com Is A Great Resource For The Competitive Cyclist
This Is By No Means A Complete Comparison List - Only A Start...
Takara Sugiyama
Takara Genkai
Takaro Renzo
Takara Sendai
Critical Cycles
A Flat Bar Fixie Bike

At the heart of the Sugiyama you’ll find a strong hand crafted steel frame with horizontal dropouts that can handle the abuse of the big city. Read more...
A Cyclocross Bike

This bike features a beautifully made hand crafted strong and light-weight chromoly frame, precision 16 speed Shimano STI equipped drive train, and light but strong 700cc wheels.
A Fixie Bike

The Takara Renzo is a stunning example of beauty and brains in a fixie bike. You can run it as a fixed gear or in standard freewheel single speed mode.
A Fixie Bike

With a modern, street-smart silhouette, this dream machine is equipped with time trial style handlebars that give you several hand position options to reduce fatigue and also enable full-on attack position for sprinting.
Fixed Gear - Single Speed

This Pursuit fixie is now equipped with bullhorn handlebars, a protek crank, sun run freewheel, KMC chain, Pro max brakes, and wanda tires.
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